We will soon add more information about our products. See below for short introduction of our suppliers


JFKemiska is the representative for Bohlender (founded in 1959) in Sweden and we offer their complete range of products

BOLA High quality teflon products for use in chemical laboratory

SICCO Dessicators and drying cabinets Solvent handling and waste disposal systems for e.g. HPLC systems

All products are made in-house which assure the quality and ablity to deliver with certificates.
In cooperation with Bohlender we offer customer service for production of tailor made parts. There is no minimum order quantity needed.

Bohlender is DIN EN ISO 9001 certified and all products are free from PFOA


JFKemiska is the representative for Normag in Sweden and for the other Nordic countries.

Normag has a long history of glass blowing, since founded for over 100 years ago.Manufaturing glass parts for chemical and pharmaceutical industry, ranging from micro-laboratory scale to complete turn-key plants

Laboratory scale

From 5 mL glass flask size, up to what can be fit in a fume hood, i.e.  10-30 L. Flange size up to DN200

Process scale

Can be devided into semi-pilot plant, pilot plant and production. The acutal sizes are depending on the specific case and operation, but usually 20 L ranging up to 500 L for glass units. Larger for metal and enamel. reactors. Flange size DN200 to DN600

Teaching unit

Suitable units for teaching "unit operations", e.g. distillation, evaporation, filration, crystallisation etc.

Glass repair

Some parts are specific, individual, or critical to your application. In case it is broken, we can always estimate the possibility to repair.

Custom made

We can offer virtually any part that you need, also with non-standard connections, sized, flanges, etc.
If you can draw it, we can make it.