Welcome to JFKemiska

Short introduction

JFKemiska is a chemical consultant and since founded, in 1994, have been focusing on solving your chemical issues, providing the external knowledge to strengthen your organisation and offer a range of products, from lab to process scale, for chemical and pharmaceutical companies. We have what it takes.

Extended introduction

The company were founded by Jonas Friberg, at the age of 20, to produce custom made solutions to a research project developing a new, less harmful product, to be used for hospitalized patients, suffering from dry-mouth (xerostomia) and similar indications. In close cooperation with the customer, we soon became responsible for the chemical part of the project and developed the formulation, made chemical compatibility tests and provided solution for clinical tests. After four years, the final solution was ready and is today used as a part of medtech products world-wide. The company has developed through the years to include equipment for the chemical and pharmaceutical industry; from lab scale to process plant. We serve our customer with a broad knowledge of solving chemical problems, as well as technical and operational improvements to maximize yield, working conditions, or any other aspect of importance and have participated in a large range of various kind of projects.

We never work FOR our customers we work WITH them

From the very start, we have focused on quality and personal commitment. There is a certain level of complexity, in many cases, that need direct involvement of the end user, to be able to offer a suitable solution. We take pride in these direct discussions, which also require the customer to be fully involved in the problem and the ability for them to gain an impartial opinion.

We treat every request confidential, that’s no secret

The value of know-how and immaterial rights are often very high and information needed to fulfil a project can correspond to many years of research, thus a substantial financial value as well. We treat all information and data given with care and do not share with external parts, unless a prior (mutual) agreement. This is standard procedure within the organisation, but we choose point it out to emphasize the importance. As a customer you should feel confident and we offer to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) before any further discussions. And as a supplier, to our business, we oblige you to share our customer values.

Our logo

The founder’s interest in chemistry were established 30+ years ago and started with a simple experiment with copper sulfate pentahydrate. When heating the dark blue salt, the water of crystallisation is gradually removed and the colour change to nearly white, leaving a solid which mainly consist of the monohydrate. When adding water, the dark blue colour reappears, thus the pentahydrate is formed again. With reference to the founder’s interest, the hue in our logo were chosen to mimic the dark blue colour of the copper salt and will signal trustworthiness and reliability, which are important values for our business. The colour blue also give reference to both air and water, two classical elements found in many historical cultures and myths, but also in alchemy, which can be seen as the “cradle” for today’s chemistry.